"Youth is happy, because it is able to see beauty.
And anyone who has the ability to see beauty cannot grow old.""

- Franc Kafka

About us

The Beauty Secret beauty salon is located in the very center of the city, more precisely in the Millennium Shopping Center in Knez Mihajlova Street no. 21a, local 34, -1 level. The work of the salon is based on an individual sessions with maximum dedication and discretion in relation to the client, who is treated in a relaxing and intimate space by highly educated, professional and experienced staff. The salon has the latest devices in the field of cosmetics, such as: Cavitation and Mesotherapy without needles. In addition to these, you can also use the following services in the salon: depilation, facial treatments (classic cleaning and biological treatments), eyelash extensions, manicures, pouring and nail extensions. What sets us apart from other salons is the high-quality cosmetics and the most modern appliances of the latest generations, which give phenomenal results even after one treatment. We invite you to come with full confidence and see for yourself the quality of our services.

Marina Tašić

Senior beautician - with many years of work experience, she will provide you with individual cosmetic and aesthetic treatments with the use of renowned cosmetics. With modern equipment and top techiques of cosmetic services, she will make your look well-groomed and beautiful in a gentle and fast way. Certified and trained to work on several modern devices used in cosmetology.

Gordana Gorunović

Beautician - with her experience, dedication and professional approach in face and body care, she will do her best for you to to leave the salon every time in a new, dazzling edition.

Jelica Janjić

Certified for silk lashes upgrading, she will make your look natural and divine with longer and thicker lashes. She will also make sure that your nails are always tidy and your skin is smooth and tender after each depilation.